ASHSAA Boys Volleyball Update

This past Monday evening was the continuation of ASHSAA Sporting events which was cancelled by DOE last month. A volleyball match between Samoana and Leone in the Varsity Division. Samoana won the first two sets to claim victory. Here is a photo of both teams after the game, as winning or losing never mattered to them, but showed an example of good sportsmanship. [photo: TG]

In the latest Department of Education /American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) Boys Volleyball news, DOE/ASHSAA wishes to invite the public out to the Quarter-Finals, Playoffs and Finals of the Volleyball league.
In Boys Volleyball, the Varsity Quarter-Finals begin today with the #2 seeded Faga’itua Vikings taking on the #5 seeded Leone Lions in Faga’itua, while the #3 seeded Nu’uuli Voc-Tech Wildcats play the #4 seeded Samoana Sharks at Samoana.
In tomorrow's Quarter-Finals, the Boys Volleyball Junior Varsity Division will also be having playoffs this year as well when the #2 seeded Vikings play the #5 seeded Wildcats.
In the other Junior Varsity Quarter-Finals game, the #3 seeded Warriors, play the #4 seeded Lions.
This coming Friday October 11 in the Play-Offs, winners from the Varsity Quarter-Finals will face one another in the top seeded team’s home court, while the winners from the Junior Varsity Quarter-Finals games will face one another in the higher seeded teams court.
All games will have a scheduled starting time of 4:30 p.m.
On Saturday October 12, the Junior Varsity Championships will be at Samoana High School. The #1 seeded Sharks have already made it to the Finals due to the #6 seeded Kanana Fou forfeiting the Quarter-Finals and Playoffs.
The same is true for the #1 seeded Tafuna Warriors, who will be playing in the Varsity Finals in Tafuna on Tuesday on October 15.
Pictured are the Varsity #3 seeded Wildcats.
[photo: JH]


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