Governor defends his "open door" policy with the media

"The people must know what their leaders are doing"

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has reiterated to the directors of his administration his “Open Door Policy” with the media. This was among the issues the Governor spoke about at the Cabinet meeting held yesterday at the Lee Auditorium. He noted this is one of the “biggest issues” in his administration — the open door policy.
As reported in Samoa News yesterday, the Director of Homeland Security took issue with a letter the governor had written to him reprimanding his department on certain matters that was given to the media, and in an ugly confrontation with the Governor’s Executive Assistant on Monday — accused him of releasing it.
Governor Lolo told his cabinet members that in his office, he sees the media all the time, “which is good, because they are to report on what we are doing for our people… if anything, our people should know what we leaders are doing which is why we have an open door policy with the media."
“Once I sign off —or the Lt Governor (Lemanu Peleti Mauga) signs off on it— it's out of our hands, it becomes a public policy and public information. Our people deserve to know what we leaders… are doing."
“You find it very hard but that’s how we run this government,” said Governor Lolo.
He then jokingly said that he’s asked his Legal Counsel to send a bill to Samoa News to get their share of the paper’s profit, as they’ve been helping sell the newspaper “and we're doing better every time we make the front page,” said Lolo.
“But that’s who we are, what we are, and it’s what we do. We don’t expect a cabinet and a “staff to do everything right …we have our own shortcomings, and that’s what people like to know — we are human like everyone else.”
“The point is the people must know what their leaders are doing,” said the governor.


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