Shoreline work for Aua underway

Work at the mouth of the stream at the Aua bridge where a retaining wall is being constructed. [photo: BC]

Thanks to funding from the Federal Highway Administration, Aua village will finally get its share of much needed shoreline work.
The Department of Public Works is managing a total of three projects currently underway in the east side village. Happy Trucking of Futiga is the contractor.
The first section will include rock re-vampment work in the area from the bus stop next to the Tilei residence heading towards JS Mart. 
The work will be similar to the Amaluia rock re-vampment which uses flat rocks, not cement.
Heading further west, at the mouth of the stream at the Aua bridge, a retaining wall is being constructed. A DPW official explained that a rock revampment cannot be carried out in that area as it will take up 75% of the beach area.
"Our main goal with these shoreline projects is to save the road from erosion," the DPW official said. "The roads are being eaten away and we need to stop that from happening."
The third project includes shoreline and drainage work at the Paepaeulupo'o boat shed. This project is expected to be completed within 270 calendar days.


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