Hawkeye: Life is full of Suspense

“Nothing is better than the unintended humor of reality.”

“Art is the ability to tell the truth, especially about one’s self.”
Howzit folks? Here we go with another Gut Wrenching episode of yours truly: Hawkeye!
Hope ya’ll had a good week, and kept each other out of trouble.
The Visitors Bureau is contemplating a study of the feasibility of the re-installation of the Pago Pago Harbor Aerial Tramway. Hawkeye actually took a ride to Mt. Alava when our Tramway System was still being somewhat maintained. At a glance, and pouring back over memories, Hawkeye would suggest that this is a “Pregnant Idea!” The cost of the operation and maintenance cannot be borne by our government. Therefore the feasibility study is in order as soon as feasible. This is to include the study by the Tourism industry as to the volume of Tourists we could expect to be utilizing the Tramway.
Not only could the Radio and TV Stations better service our transmitters now located on Mt. Alava, to be paid for by their budgets, but it will also afford Tourists a bird’s eye view like none other anywhere in the Pacific! Why do we go on vacations in the first place fans? To generate memorabilia that we can pass on to our chillen knowing full well that by the time they are all grown up, they will stand a prayers chance in Hell of affording a Cruise or an airline ticket to paradise!
America needs to get off the attack Syria Kick. How is it that John Kerry cannot go in to Damascus and talk with the Butcher and negotiate a peaceful settlement to the impending Crisis, yet Charlie Rose of CBS News just wanders right in to the Palace, sits down with Assad, and spoke for nearly two hours? {At Least it wasn’t Dennis Rodman in Syria.} And Wolf Blitzer had The CDR in Chief on CNN world, and asked him to look at the camera and tell Assad where to get off the train!
And then our good ally Russia and our favorite Valatimere Putin has supposedly cut a deal with Assad to give up his chemical weapons and play nice. Hawkeye finds this rather strange as Assad just finished telling the world that he does not have chemical weapons, yet he is willing to give up chemical weapons that he doesn’t have to the International and NATO Investigators? Something smell velly velly Pishy here! 
The American People are war weary, as are our Armed Forces. We need to drop back and think this one out.
The CDR IN Chief should break out one of his two Canadian Built Buses and hit the road. He needs to bring it to the people in a manner that will cause them to regurgitate their Lunch!
Getting on the Airport Road Kick momentarily, Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor were driving on that road and found it to be virtually Pot Hole Free! Hawkeye was so pleased with the condition of the road that he wonders why we need to redo it at all.
OOPS: Hawkeye is told that it is a temporary repair until McConnell Dowell gets awarded the contract. Humm Over. One way or another it will be put to bed so to speak, and the production may re-begin!
Hawkeye is quite pleased at the way the Lolo Administration is shaping up. Positive things are happening, and this progress is long overdue. Hawkeye is sorry to see Afoa stepping down from the position of Attorney General and stepping up to the Senate. You Go Mr. Lutu, and may the Gods of Paradise watch over you in all that you do. From Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.
Hawkeyes dear and only sister was laid to eternal rest on September 10, 2013. She will be sorely missed, so Bon Voyage Dear Sister. From your Lil Brudder, Hawkeye, and his sweet Leanor.
Hawkeye now has digital cable and while he is somewhat prone to bitching and moaning, he rather likes the improvement in the channel Line Up. If there were a Fox News Channel Live, Hawkeye would have to more or less “Stifle!”
In the words of the famous “Forrest Gump” “Life is like a box of chocolates.” Therefore life is full of suspense. You never know which way it will turn. Some folks are just born with a silver spoon shoved down their throats, while others just never seem to find that proverbial “Golden Rivet” that is so prevalent in “Nautical Lore.” This is where a young & Tender Seaman was sent down in the Bowels or Bilges of the ship to find the Golden Rivet! Hawkeye crawled around the bilges for years, and has to this day, never laid eyes upon the Golden Rivet! Life, were it to be like a box of chocolates would be sweet. Nothing to worry about there. It is if you never locate the Golden Rivet that makes for a challenging livelihood! Ask Hawkeye: he knows.
Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor are still looking for the Golden Rivet folks. If it doesn’t come to Hawkeye soon, he will have to locate it in the Afterlife! It is neither here nor there where as long as we are enjoying ourselves!
That’s it until next week fans;
Have a good one!
Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor


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