Jets retain cup in 1st defense

A Lion Heart player plays the ball in the air while being defended by a Jets player during the men’s Division 1 Round 3 cup match of the 2013 FFAS National League on Wednesday, Sept. 11 at Pago Park Soccer Stadium. [FFAS MEDIA/Brian Vitolio]

Tafuna has retained the Division 1 National League Cup 3-2 against Lion Heart on Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013 at Pago Park Soccer Stadium.
In the other game to complete Division 1’s Round 3 games that were postponed from September 7 due to bad field conditions, Black Roses beat Pago Youth B 5-2.
Tafuna barely held on for the win after taking a 2-0 lead at the end of the first half only to see Lion Heart finally net scoring opportunities in the second.
In the first half Lion Heart missed some good opportunities at getting on the scoreboard while the Jets took advantage of theirs.
Roy Luani scored in the 23rd minute of the match before PJ Larson added his first of two three minutes later.
In the second half Nixon Collins put Lion Heart on the board in the 39th minute but Larson answered for Tafuna with his second goal of the match to give his team a little cushion in front.
In the 48th Charmaney Faatupuinati beat goalie KB Mariota with a shot to the far post to complete the game’s final tally.
Utulei Youth will challenge Tafuna for the cup on August 14.
With the completion of Round 3 three teams are tied with 7 points each in the standings — Taputimu Youth (2-1-0), Tafuna Jets (2-1-0), and Black Roses (2-1-0).
Taputimu edges Tafuna and Black Roses for the No. 1 spot based on a differential in goals with 4, followed by the Jets at No. 2 with 3 and Black Roses with 2.
Losing the top spot due to a loss is FC SKBC (2-0-1) who are sitting at No. 4 with 6 points.  In 5th place are the defending champs, Pago Youth A (1-1-1) with 4 points, followed by Lion Heart A (1-0-2) with 3 and Utulei Youth (1-0-2) with 3 as well.
Pago Youth B (0-3) rounds out the eight teams in Division 1 with 0 points

The Tafuna Jets team with the men’s Division 1 FFAS National Cup after retaining it 3-2 against Lion Heart during the Round 3 cup match of the 2013 FFAS National League on Wednesday, Sept. 11 at Pago Park Soccer Stadium. [FFAS MEDIA/Brian Vitolio]


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