Hawkeye: Dreaming the Dream

“Conceit is bragging about yourself. Confidence means you believe that you can actually get the job done.”

“Man has an incurable habit of not fulfilling the prophecies of his fellow men.”
How are things shaping up for all friends and fans of Hawkeye Land on this beautiful and most descrumptious Saturday Morning on the final day of August, {Year of our “Da Kin” 2013.} It certainly looks as though we are getting there folks. We don’t know quite yet exactly where we are headed, but we are getting there! Over.
Hawkeye was reading in one of his favorite on line publications where a Teen Ager, or TeenAgers Beat up on an 88 year old WWII Veteran! Just when we think it cannot get any “Sicker,” it does.
This is almost as bad as the nincompoops that beat up a Nun! This poor Veteran was a decorated Warrior during the Big One, “WWII” and placed himself at “Heaven’s Door” so that these same animals could enjoy the very freedom that this fine fellow fought for. He was not a “Coward” that lurked in the shadows waiting for the enemy to show up; he was the one that placed himself right out there on the firing line and fought with thousands of brave men & women who are getting few and farther between today from that era. These derelicts should have tried to learn something from this individual during the final years of his life, but instead, they chose to inflict Physical Harm to the point of his demise.
There is no punishment deserving enough {other than Death} of an idiot that creates havoc such as this in this crumbling world of ours! The bottom line: this fine gentleman lived to be 88 years old just to be murdered by a bunch of punks!
Which brings us over to the grade school violence that is being inflicted by so-called adults that carry “AK-47” assault rifles? Is this caused by the Gun or is it caused by the Idiot that is carrying the gun? The guy gets hold of a weapon and he immediately feels superior to a bunch of first graders? The person had a problem long before he got the gun and the ammunition! There again; the example should be set. An eye for an eye on one or two occasions will make these dump-heads think twice before they use their weapons for anything other than target practice. There is no excuse for this sort of behavior to be permitted. Curtailing the sale of Guns is not the answer. Curtailing gun violence is the answer. We must not allow morals to stand in the way of rapid and proper punishment for those who choose to take the low road. They do not belong in insane asylums or mental hospitals.
Hawkeyes old dead daddy knew what his gun was for. He used to get his rifle, [A single shot, bolt action 22 caliber,] and head off towards the general direction of the North Pole. When asked where he was headed, he used to reply: “Headin out yonder to get some road kill fer supper!” Humm..
Hawkeye met up with an acquaintance at the Post Office the other day and the short visit turned in to a long conversation. This Homo-sapien being sort of negative at heart was bitching and moaning about the loud sirens on emergency vehicles. He thought that there should be a Volume set on the vehicle where the Octave Level could be kept to a reasonable limit. He said that this sort of noise is no different than that of the loud Rap and Bluegrass which was banned by the government on the Aiga Busses several years ago.
Hawkeye replied that he for once had “NO COMMENT” as he figured loud sirens were like Music. Loud Rap and Bluegrass are both taking it to the limit in any decibel level, no matter if it is being played on an Aiga Bus, or in an Ambulance. The point is: What’s the difference? Over. If the ambulance happens to be headed for McDonald’s for lunch, then the siren could be turned down a notch., Either or take the Aiga Bus to McDonald’s?
There is nothing worse than to be behind someone who is driving 16 miles an hour on our one and only freeway than to have an ambulance get on your a#s with a loud siren. This often causes what we motorist’s refer to as “ROAD RAGE.” And in order to quell road rage, we simply pull over. There; what’s the beef?
Hawkeye received an e-mail the other day from an old friend in Southern California by the name of Larry Horning. This consisted of photos of the largest Cruise Ship afloat, or at the bottom of the sea. The name of the Cruise Ship was; “THE ALLURE OF THE SEAS.” Hawkeye will at this time appeal to our Visitors Bureau with the following question: Has this lovely vessel graced our port yet? Our all natural deep water harbor would accommodate it. The ship carries upwards of 6,000 passengers, and a crew compliment of 2,600! “WOW!” We could rent out a lot of Bicycles! [Or Mobility Scooters!]
That’s all folks from Hawk & Sweet Leanor until next week.


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