School teacher reportedly injured by school bus


A teacher at Leone Midkiff was transported to the Emergency Room at the LBJ Medical Center yesterday after she was reportedly run over by a school bus.
An eyewitness who was on the bus told the Samoa News the school bus was full to maximum capacity, with several kids having to stand in the aisle as all the seats were taken. The bus was heading to the Malaeloa area.
According to the eyewitness, the bus driver was telling the kids to "move back towards the rear of the bus, before somebody falls off." During that time, according to the eyewitness, the teacher was attempting to sit down on the steps located right inside the entrance of the bus when her hand slipped and she fell out of the bus.
"This whole time, the bus driver was busy looking out the window and turning the bus, trying to maneuver through heavy traffic and steer away from other buses," the eyewitness reported.
"Then the bus hit something that we thought was a speed bump," the eyewitness recalled. The bus then came to a stop and the driver ran out to see what had happened. It turned out, what they thought was a speed bump was actually the teacher who, according to the eyewitness, was laid out on the grass field where she was hit.
The eyewitness said the bus driver went to check on the teacher, then returned to the bus and asked the school children on the bus if they saw anything and to tell him exactly what happened.
The bus driver then jumped back into the driver's seat and drove the kids home, without waiting for the police to arrive. The eyewitness said there were no cops at the scene and the bus took off before any law enforcement officers showed up.
Samoa News made contact with a DOE representative who stated that they knew nothing about the incident.
Samoa News was unsuccessful in numerous attempts to contact DOE Director Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau for comments but a police officer from the DPS main central station in Fagatogo did confirm that they heard the call about the incident over the police radio around 2:30p.m. yesterday and the Traffic Division responded.
Samoa News tried to contact the head of the DPS Traffic Division Capt. John Cendrowski for comments, but an immediate response was not obtained as of press time yesterday.


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