Vailoatai CCCAS Choir anniversary

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The Anniversary Vailoatai CCCAS Choir service is held annually on the second Sunday of August. Each year a commemorative banner is displayed during the Anniversary service with names of members, officers and choir instructors and conductors beside previous anniversary banners. Following the service, the choir hosts a Sunday feast or toonai.
The Vailoatai CCCAS Choir is under the leadership of Rev. Faletoi Lago'o Uso and (wife) Faletua Violina Uso serving the CCCAS for close to 40 years (the longest serving Senior Reverend of the CCCAS). The primary Choir's instructors and conductors are Vaiopulu Pulusila Galoia and wife Mereseleisa Kataferu Elisara-Galoia. Assistant instructor and conductors are Rev. Faletoi Lago'o Uso, Tuiasina Salamo Laumoli, Mafutaga and Tanielu Uso and Salima Eucharist Elisara Reupena.
The previous choir officers were President, Alailotoo'o Sofa Seumalo, Vice President Fualau Sarasopa Una, Secretary Tualatai Tuiasina Laumoli and Treasurer Fa'auaa Peseta Kataferu Pita Elisara.
Newly elected officers for the new choir year are President Avamasaga Tuaoitau Ga'opo'a, re-elected Vice President Fualau Sarasopa Una, Secretary Fiatupu Tavai Jr. and re-elected Treasurer Fa'auaa Peseta Kataferu Pita Elisara.
The very first choir service was held on August 13, 1930.


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