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Ca-Boom Wrestling Club joins ASNOC

This past Saturday, the American Samoa National Olympic Committee (ASNOC) held its 2013 Olympic Day at the Veterans Stadium, where they showcased the territory’s olympic sports. One of the highly successful events of the day was a boys and girls wrestling tournament presented by the Ca-Boom Wrestling Club.


The Ca-Boom Wrestling Club is now part of the ASNOC through the American Samoa Amateur Wrestling Association (ASAWA) of which Ethan Lake is president.


Carl Floor Sr. is Ca-Boom’s president.


Wrestlers from across the island were present last Saturday to test their skills against each other in the world's oldest sport that is synonymous with the Olympics.


One of the wrestlers who is on island to help the sport grow locally is former Gannon University wrestler Sean Floor who helped run the summer clinics. Some of the local grapplers were at Saturday's tournament just to test their skills against this former college wrestler and a New York high school state runner up. Floor told the Samoa News he was very impressed with the toughness of the young athletes. Floor will be departing the territory on Wednesday.


Samoa News spoke with Carl Floor Sr. (Sean’s father), who said, “I think overall, the tournament was a success, everyone had a lot of fun. We had a really good turnout and everyone got to showoff their skills. I would like to see all of the associations and sports work together for the good of all American Samoa's athletes, because if we do so, we would do a lot better job in recruiting.”.


He noted, “I am sure there were children out there who would have enjoyed today’s events. I think that is where our burden lies.”.


Floor Sr. said the ASNOC did an exceptional job in promoting Saturday’s event and thanked everyone who showed up for the tournament and making it successful.


Athletes who spoke to the Samoa News all agreed that competing with wrestlers from across the island was great, and they hope there will be more wrestling tournaments in the future like this one. “I had a great time,” seemed to be the consensus.


Of note, this coming 2013-2014 Department of Education’s American Samoa High School Athletic Association (ASHSAA) sports calendar will not include the sport of wrestling in its line up of sports. Despite that, Floor Sr. said they will continue to train wrestlers at their training site at the Veterans Memorial Stadium inside the white building on the East side of the football field.