Saili swims the 800m freestyle for Samoa

Monica Saili of Samoa competing in her 800m Freestyle event on Day 6 of the 15th FINA World Championships in Spain. [photo: Alice McAlpine of The Reporters' Academy]

Samoa’s Monica Saili completed the arduous 800m Freestyle on Day 6 of the 15th FINA World Championships in Barcelona, finishing in 10.11.46 minutes.  Monica maintained a steady speed throughout each leg of the race, though she was disappointed that she didn’t reach a personal best:
“It was okay at the start, I could feel myself building up but then I guess I didn’t push through it.”
Seventeen year old Monica also swam in the 400m Freestyle almost a week previously, where she finished in 4 minutes 55.49 and explained that she felt her first race went better:
“That one felt a lot better because, not only was it shorter, but I felt energized and excited.”
Having nearly a week in between races had both good and bad effects:
“It was good to be able to have a rest in between races, but then I had to stay focused, and it came back to me when we went out to eat - I had to look out for my diet.”
Now that she is done with competitions for the week, Monica is looking forward to some well deserved relaxation and seeing the sights of Barcelona.


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