ASG News Briefs


Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has instructed Administrative Law Judge, Toetagaga Albert Ma’ilo to provide a list of cases seeking administrative review from the start of the fiscal year to date on the ALJ official registry.
The request was sent to the ALJ last month. “The issue of equity with regard to the sequential hearing of cases filed with the ALJ has raised concerns.”
Lolo further pointed out that the requested list should also provide the information of when the case was filed, the nature of the case, and the status of the case. “Can you also provide the criteria upon which the determination is made ,whether the case should be given “fast-track” status,” asked Governor Lolo.
Chief of Staff Fiu Johnny Saelua has written to Directors and Agency Heads that the requests for after-hours government vehicle passes are becoming numerous and the frequency of these requests can also lead to abuse. He noted the governor has emphasized many times the concern over ASG vehicle abuse.
Fiu said in his letter they are beginning to see many after hours requests stating that the need to work late, so they need an ASG vehicle to go home.
“If this is the case, then those employees should not be asked to work late, especially in the light of [the] no over-time policy that is in existence. We have also noted that many after-hour vehicle requests are being submitted for approval, just before the end of the day and sometimes after 4PM, which does not allow sufficient time for us to validate the need for these vehicles to be used after hours.”
Fiu also pointed out that a lot of government employees are submitting after-hour vehicle requests for a month’s time period (4-5 weeks) and they expect that the request will be repeated.
“This appears to be an attempt to circumvent the vehicle policies already in place. Therefore please be advised that you need to submit your after hour vehicle requests 48 hours (2days) before the vehicle that you need, and the request should not exceed five days.”
The Chief of Staff said it has been a long standing practice to use government vehicles as regular transportation to and from work for projects, which should be worked upon during working hours.
Fiu then told the Directors and Agency Heads that the government is not responsible to provide transportation to and from work even when they are working late. “In our effort to control the abuse of fuel usage and wear and tear on the vehicles, it becomes all of our responsibility to seriously plan our work to be as efficient with our limited resources as possible and to safeguard the assets of government,” he said.
Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has appointed Don Fuimaono as a member of the American Samoa Tele Communication Authority. This was announced in a memorandum issued last week. According to the memorandum, Fuimaono is appointed to the seat on the ASTCA Board that was vacated when former board member, Moefa’auo Bill Emmesley was hired as ASTCA's Executive Director. “Mr. Fuimaono brings a wealth of private sector experience to this new role,” said the Governor.


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