UPDATE: For the15th FINA World Championships

Brandon of Schuster of Samoa starting dive for his 800m Freestyle race, during the 15th FINA World Championships in Barcelona, Spain. [photo: Alice McAlpine, The Reporters’ Academy UK]

Two days on from his 400m Freestyle race, swimmer Brandon Schuster of Samoa joined 33 other starters for the longer distance of 800m Freestyle at the 15th FINA World Championships in Barcelona.
Coached by mum, Suzie Schuster, at the Samoa Aquatic Center, this was a valuable experience on the highest stage for the youngest swimmer in his event aged just fifteen. Brandon is clearly thriving on that experience. Having shaved over 7 seconds off his personal best in the 400m it was time to push back his own personal best over 16 lengths. The swimmer, who lives in Vaoala, touched in 9 minutes 27.45 seconds, an impressive double figure reduction in seconds off his previous personal best.
The great effort in doing this was not lost on Brandon:
“It was good but pretty hard. I planned to sprint for the first 100 and then I paced to 400 faster than I usually go and then paced it up before sprinting toward the finish.”
Brandon recalls how it was almost inevitable that he would get into swimming as his mum is a professional swim coach. Therefore, the question of how he thinks his parent and coach will review his performance prompts a playful answer alongside a broad smile:
“Yeah, I’ll probably get my dinner tonight, but perhaps no dessert.”
Brandon is still building his experience at big events, having travelled twice per year to compete in Fiji for Long Course and Short Course Nationals, as well as his first senior international last year at World Short Course Championships in Istanbul. But the atmosphere here in Barcelona is something he relishes: 
“Yeah, it’s great. It’s something that I don’t get very often so I really like it. It’s pretty awesome to represent my country at one of these events and it’s pretty cool to be part of a swim team of three.
The fifteen year old clearly has time on his side as well as motivation and a level head to keep lowering those times for Samoa.
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