Hawkeye: Service with a Smile!

Good morning to all good friends and regular readers of the Samoa News, and of course; Hawkeye. It’s a fine day to complain, folks- as is any other day of the week.
If Hawkeye sounds like a broken record when it comes to Cable Service, and Internet service, it is because both sort of lack in Quality.
Week before last, Hawkeye's Cable was off from Friday afternoon to Monday morning @ 1000 Hrs. While we must be forced to pay for this down time, it is like throwing the Tupe, {money} right down the tube.
This week it is the internet service. Down since Thursday afternoon. Everyone is gone home for the weekend while the lack of internet service is costing many customers {Hawkeye} Money, at customer service you get an intern who doesn’t have a clue what you are talking about.
Here again folks, if it weren’t for the only game in town, we could have a choice in the matter. In the interim, we will just have to sit back and bitch under our breath until something new comes along.
Which brings Hawkeye to the infamous Airport Road Saga?
This could be ironed out rather quickly. Just sign an M.O.U. with the contractor that the price of the bond be withheld from the contract payments. At the end of the completed project, should the end product prove to be satisfactory, remit the final payment to the contractor?
This way it is a win win situation for both parties including the motoring public! Instead of awarding the contract to the next bidder for additional 4 + million dollars, we get a road and a happy populace all at the same time. We need to get this show on the road before the lawsuits begin -whereas no one wins! Then it will remain as a “Ho Hum” subject as has been the case for many years now. “Ho Hum.”
The weather has been cold and wet for the past few days in Paradise. Unlike those poor folks in the mainland U.S. who are toughing it out in the “Sweltering Heat” of the summer months, we are enjoying the cool winter breezes that are caused by the Trade Winds blowing across the Swains Island Icebergs. What will come behind this beautiful weather that we are experiencing? It is anyone’s guess. Homo-sapiens throughout the world are still in denial as to what is causing the very noticeable upset in the weather conditions. These conditions have snowball effects which cause life to be a real pain in the ass for some folks, especially those who have lost their homes to wild fires, flooding, hail storms, and everyday “Frog Farting Contests!”
We have got to quit with the political infighting and get back to the reality at hand.
While there is no reversal of the fact that we have created most of our own problems, we still have the matter of relinquishing most of our Tupe, {money} To the Middle Eastern countries in the form of the purchasing of foreign oil!
We know what we need to do, now we must bite the bullet and get on with it!
We need to stop giving away weapons to the very Homos that will turn right around and aim them in our direction! The news that we discovered a Tramp Steamer in Panama laden with Cold War Russian Missile Parts is disturbing. While we ask ourselves what the North Koreans will do to harm us with Castro’s antiquated weapons parts? They will use the components and fuels to boost their own Rockets, complete with Nuclear Warheads and in doing so will extend the delivery distance to reach the west coast of the Unites States! This is not a laughing matter and while all of this is taking place right in front of our lying eyes, have we forgotten Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and North Korea? We need to stay the Hell out of the Middle East and every other country, and let the Russians be the world Police people for a change. While we are on the subject, we must refrain from pushing our Military support on countries that hate our guts, and just depend on such freewheeling diplomats such as John Kerry our illustrious Secretary of State to keep us bailed out of future wars and conflicts of interest! Over.
We need to concentrate more on what is happening right at home in the good old USA! We have people that are starving on nearly every Street corner in every big city, while the remainder is on welfare! Not only is something not right with this scenario, but something sure as hell is wrong! Hawkeyes old dead redneck daddy should he be alive today would have stood up and said: “see, ah tole ya so!”
The problem with freewheeling Homo-sapiens of the world is that we can no longer “Come together” on anything that matters. Just take a look at another non-productive day on Capitol Hill! Not only can we not get FNC, but the news of today is boring to watch if we did have a decent Cable provider. We would be there looking at re-runs while the rest of the world is collapsing around us.
Until Next week,
Sweet Hawkeye and Leanor. Er, ah


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