Track and Field Coalition hosts first cross-country event

The American Samoa Track and Field Coalition (ASTFC) hosted its first 10-mile cross-country relay race last Saturday, July 6, with the American Samoa National Park Service (Team Pe’a Vao) taking 1st place. They outlasted the Ohana Runners of the ASTFC, who took 2nd place and Team Eagles of the local Army Reserve who took 3rd. [courtesy photo]

The American Samoa Track and Field Coalition (ASTFC) hosted its first out of stadium event this past Saturday with three different running teams competing in a 10 mile cross- country relay race. 
The Pe’a Vao Team from the American Samoa National Park Service (AS-NPS), the Ohana Runners from the ASTFC and the Eagle Team from the local Army Reserve Unit each competed with 10 runners apiece, running one mile each.
“The day was perfect for the cross country event, cool with a little bit of sunshine and not too much rain. It went smoothly and successfully without any mishaps,” said head of the Ohana Running Club, Clayton ‘Boom’ Mahuka.
There were six exchanges that began at the Motor Vehicles (OMV) driving course that went all the way to the Aveina Store in Matu’u and back to the OMV. The first exchange was at Joe's Auto Shop (past the BOH bank), then to the Toa Bar and Grill, Alanoa's Petal, Avau (Ioane's residence, to Aveina in Matu'u and then back to the OMV exchanging at the same places.
The teams were fairly close at the beginning of the race with the Pe’a Vao Team taking a real lead at about the 2nd to 3rd leg of the race. The Ohana Runners made up about 4-5 minutes from about the 6th to last leg of the race to come in 2nd overall. The Eagles Team lost some time in the beginning of the race and came in 3rd overall at about 6 minutes behind the Ohana Runners.
“Overall, it was a success and if interest prevails, we will continue to host these cross country events for interested organizations,” said Mahuka.
Mahuka stated that there will be another 10 mile relay race in the near future and if any team wishes to compete, to contact him as soon as possible at: simeona684@gmail.com for more information, or to come down to the Veterans Memorial Stadium where they train Monday through Friday morning starting at 8:30 a.m.
1st Place: Pe’a Vao AS-NPS (time: 1 hour 21 minutes)
2nd Place: Ohana Runners ASTFC (time: 1 hour 24 minutes)
3rd Place: Eagle Army Reserve (time: 1 hour 30 minutes)
Pe’a Vao AS-NPS
Team Coach/Leader: Tavita Togia
Tutuila Maalaelu
Abel Fata
Senetenari Leui
Roman Vaoga
Anthony Talosaga
Kiliona Atanoa
KananaFou Savea
Kona Mahuka
Martin Maa
Elama Faatonu
Ohana Runners ASTFC
Team Coach/Leader: Clayton ‘Boom’ Mahuka
Bruce Scanlan
Danielle Floor
Darien Tauiliili
Stephanie Floor
Casidhe Mahuka
James Scanlan
John Scanlan
Rhoderick Tarray
Sean Floor
Eagles Army Reserve
Team Coach/Leader: Hana Vaouli (and runner in the race)
Galo Tuiolosega
Doug Siaumau
Raelynn Mapu
Hana Matagi
Manophei Puletasi
Tina Aetonu
Seini Mauga
Xanderson Fesili
BJ Sopoaga


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