NZ: Man loses appeal over killing wife's lover

An Auckland man who murdered his best friend after finding out he had slept with his wife has failed to get his conviction overturned and a 10-year jail term quashed.

After going through three trials, Salofa Aiono, 38, was last year found guilty of bashing Kapelielu Motunuu, known as Mose, to death in a jealous rage after being told of his wife's infidelity.

He was jailed for at least 10 years.

He appealed his conviction, saying there were problems with selecting the jury after some researched the case on the internet before the trial started, evidence over whether the wife was telling the truth, a child's evidence, Aiono's murderous intent and the jury direction on provocation.

However, on Thursday the Court of Appeal rejected all the arguments, saying no miscarriage of justice had taken place.

During his trial, the court heard Aiono, his wife Tausilia and Mr Motunuu had lived in the same house briefly at the end of 2008.

Aiono went to Samoa in early February 2009, and while he was away his wife and his best friend had sex.

On his return Mrs Aiono told her husband that Mr Motunuu had raped her but later admitted to him that the sex had been consensual.


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