Lolo assigns five teams for "Adopt-A-School" initiative

"We need your collaboration, unique talent, time and energy"

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has established five teams assigning departments and agencies to schools in connection with his “Adopt-A-School Initiative”. This was announced during the cabinet meeting held last week Friday at the Tauese Sunia Ocean Center.
A memorandum was also issued by Governor Lolo prior to his departure, which was distributed to government leaders during the cabinet meeting, led by Lt Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga, as Acting Governor. This matter has been brought up on several occasions during previous cabinet meetings.
According to the memorandum, this initiative will provide for a partnership between ASG, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and the community to afford the public and private schools the opportunity to build long-lasting relationships that will serve and support the students.
“We need your collaboration, unique talent, time and energy to give our children the additional supports and resources they need in order to succeed academically and compete globally. The Initiative provides both the organizations and schools an opportunity to produce educated and well rounded citizens that will contribute to the economic development and social well-being of our community,” said Governor Lolo in the memorandum.
According to the memorandum, this process of building a culture of collaboration in the territory will open doors of schools to the community to become major partners in the educational experience of the children. “The major partners to include government entities, businesses and social entities will join as a Team that is uniquely designed to connect the organizations' energy and passion directly with the students and schools staff"
According to the memo, this initiative will provide additional resources to enhance the academic experience of students and increase their exposure to career opportunities, as well as create opportunities to motivate students and reward them for excelling in academic performance.
Participation in clean up days or beautification projects at the school and making financial and/or in kind donations that support the school’s beautification programs is also part of the initiative.
 Additionally, the teams will be hosting events or make donations to assist in recognizing teachers and other school personnel for their good work throughout the year.  
All ASG offices in Ofu and Olosega are assigned to the schools in Olosega, while all ASG offices in Ta’u are assigned to the schools in Ta’u. These are for Manu’a High School and all the Elementary Schools — Olosega, Fitiuta, Faleasao and the ECE.
For Fagaitua High School, and Elementary Schools: Matatula, Aunu’u, Olomoana, Alofau, Masefau, Laulii and all ECE’s in the Eastern District, the ASG Agencies assigned to these schools are the DOC, ASPA, CJPA, Insurance Commission, Finance, Samoan Affairs, Marine Railway/Shipyard, Treasury and the Governor’s office including, Territorial Audit Office, Historic Preservation Office, Medicaid Office, Veteran Affairs, Internal Audit, TOFR, Tradesman Board, Vocational Rehab, Sports Complex, Policy Unit, Licensing and Boards, OFPI, and Office of Grants Oversight and Accountability.  
TEAM TAUTAI MATA PALPALA (Central District Schools)
The Central District schools of Samoana High School, and the Elementary schools of Aua, Afono, St Francis, Coleman, Fagasa, Matafao and SPICC and all central district ECE’s will be covered by DPW, DOH, DPS, Administrative Services, Budget Officer, EPA, Legal Affairs, Medical Services Authority, Public Library and DBAS.
TEAM AIGA POTOPOTO (Mid-Western District Schools)
The schools included in this team are Tafuna High School, Nu’uuli Vocational Technical High School, SPA, Kanana Fou School, SBA, Iakina, Pacific Horizons, Tafuna Intermediate School, Manulele, Lupelele, Manumalo elementariness, and all ECE schools. These schools will be covered by ASPA, Human Resources, Port Administration, DYWA, Arts Council, DMWR, ALJ, DHSS, Public Defender, Public Information Office, TAOA and  the Visitors Bureau.
TEAM FAUTASI (Western District Schools)
Team Fautasi includes Leone High School, Fa’asao and Marist, the elementary schools: Midkiff, Pava’ia’i, Siliaga, Nua and Seetaga and ECE schools in the Western District and will be covered by ASTCA, Parks and Recreation, DOA, Procurement, TEO, Property Management, Homeland Security, ASCC, Election Office and Protection and Advocacy. 


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