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The American Samoa Power Authority yesterday issued a statement warning the public  about a fraudulent check scheme that may potentially affect local customers.
The letter is from a company called “Apple Instant Payment Inc.” based in Ontario, Canada and they claim that the recipient is a winner in a sweepstakes or lottery draw with a check issued in their name, from the “American Samoa Power Authority”.
“We have received inquiries from people and banks, in the mainland U.S., to verify the legitimacy of these checks,” says ASPA, adding that “this is a fraudulent check scheme.”
Residents are asked to contact police and the ASPA customer service line 699-1234, if anyone receives a check in the mail. Residents are also asked not to attempt to cash these checks as they will not be honored by the banks or by ASPA.
ASPA also says that it is working closely with ANZ Bank and Bank of Hawaii to make sure these checks are not being processed and that ASPA funds are not at risk. Additionally, ASPA Accounting Division has been very diligent in identifying this activity and is working with ANZ to stop these transactions from occurring.
“We are working with ANZ on taking measures to continue to protect the ASPA accounts affected and so far we have not lost any money to this scheme, thanks to the proactive approach by both parties,” the statement says.
ASPA went on the public airways to be on “alert of any scheme that promises you money for personal information”.
“We are concerned because the letter requires that the recipient call a number to release personal information that will potentially lead to identity theft. We want to safeguard our customers and the community because anyone can be a target of identity theft schemes,” it says.

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