Hawkeye: Hawks Birthday of Remembrance

“Having a child in this day & age is certainly the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit!”

Here we go again fans; having survived another week in the confines of Wonderland.

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor were planning a trip to Fairhaven, over in the never land of Utopia until Sweet Leanor decided to count all of their Tupe. {Money} They concluded with great “rapidity,” That their meager funds would not get them a Taxi Ride to the greater Wonderland International Airport! Hawkeye often wonders where Homo-sapiens get all of their funding for travel. Their livelihoods would not support the high cost of a ticket to the unknown, so how does a person who rides around in an old beat up pick up manage to fly two or three times a year?

They decidedly haven’t the funding through gainful employment, so what gives? This is something for the Local Candidates of Hawkeyes choice to look in to before Hawkeye sets his foot in the polling booth! If Candidates really and truly wish to clean up Hooterville, they can begin with a few simple investigations by watching who is on the frequent flyers list, especially those who are departing Wonderland! Our local F.B.I. Contingent is no longer stationed in Hooterville, so this leaves it up to the Citizenry to conduct their own investigations into Fraud, Waste, Abuse, of the systems of Hooterville! In order to fulfill campaign promises, we first of all need to make the promises, then show the voting public just how serious we are at full filling those promises. Over..

Hawkeye, holding true to form will head for the campaign rallies with the best barbecue’s! This is a beginning. Then while Hawk is stuffing his face, he will make time to listen to what the candidate has to offer. This time around, it goes deeper than just your average “Hope & Change, Better Education for our Chillren, and a Moa, {Chicken} in every pot! We have got to get real, and we can do so by grilling the candidates who really and truly wish a change for the betterment of Wonderland.

First, we need a fresh circle of local politicians, and Department leaders. These are the younger Homos that have invested in education, and in addition to that education, have managed to gather a few Morals, and Scruples along the way. With this under their belt, they must vow to be honest upright and clean in their dealings with Wonderland funding, including government “Grants Monies!” Anyway at the risk of beating John Browns Mule in to the dirt, we will get the drift, and in doing so will get off the subject! Humm..

And now a little bit more about Hawkeye.

Hawkeye celebrated his Birthday by working a full day at the office. Sweet Leanor insisted that Hawkeye have a lunch break in that he could partake of the Nice Italian meal that she prepared for him. In addition to that, Sweet Leanor baked Hawkeye a nice Birthday Keke, {Cake} complete with candles and Icing! Leanor sang Happy “69th” Birthday to Hawkeye while Hawk picked his nose at the table.. Humm. Hawkeye never went back to work after the Meal and the wonderful company.

Hawkeye is wondering when the last transport will depart from Wonderland for “Swains Island?” Hawkeye wants to be there for the opening of the Olympic Games in the year 2020. By this time we can hold figure skating competition on the Iced over lagoon! At the rate the Ice Caps are melting, we will be able to have snowball fights in Hooterville. The scientologist’s say that we can now actually see “Greenland” as it is so named! The Ice Covered Tundra is “No Mo!”

Does this actually have anything to do with the “Killer Drought” that we are experiencing in the Midwestern states? Those poor Farmers are really sweating it out, {In More ways than one!} We a-gwinna be outta Korn Purdy darned quick. At least das wot da Scientologist’s say. Humm.. Hawkeye knows one fang fo sho:  “It ain’t f&%kin funny no mo! The prices of Corn have skyrocketed literally overnight. We can no longer meet our demands for Bio-Fuel with corn base. The Bio-fuel refineries have refused to offer any relief for the Farmers who are now struggling to make ends meet. The parts of this whole scenario are that there is still mo relief in sight! One old Homo said that the weddahman always say dey a gwinna be 20% chance of H20 but dat dare 20% nevah comes! At any rate folks, it will get better before it gets worse. Those rich folk will have to wash their Limo’s with recycled Sewer Water, right after the Family dishes have been washed! Over! Hawkeye had a glance at Revelations in His King Jamie Read the other day, but after reading about all the “Three Legged Gorillas” and Donkeys with six lips, he got scared and picked up his copy of the Koran!! These guys were apparently on some stronger Opium when they wrote those words.. Humm..

We will leave it at that until next week:

In the Interim, Kindness and love is the key to our survival!

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.


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