Hawkeye: Bobbing & Weaving

“If you don’t like what you are getting, Change what you are doing.”

“Prefer a loss to a dishonest gain; the one brings pain at the moment, the other for all time.”
A happy Saturday to friends and Fans alike of Hawkeye. As we find ourselves “bobbing & weaving through life like a most prominent “Boxer,” we still have the urge to assist a loser when he is down in the Ring of life.
Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor always stop to hand a dollar to a person that is “down and out on his luck,” as having been there and done that, a dollar is most precious when one is looking for their next meal. Hawkeye used to collide with his old dead redneck daddy when it came to beggars as the old man figured the poor bastard should get up off his a#s and get a real job! The old man was never accused of being lazy: as a matter of fact there were few men that could keep up with him in the arts of manual labor. For that, he could honestly have been proud.
Hawkeye and Leanor have this in common: what goes around comes around. One good deed per day allows a clear conscience for a good nights sleep! It is when you offer the beggar $1.00, and he turns his nose up at you and demands that you fess up with a five dollar bill that can often be testy to ones temper. So: in order that we do not become a small Island Nation of Beggars, let’s all do our best to go out there and search for an honest job!
For those who are sincerely disabled and find them-selves in the street, let’s keep offering them that dollar for their next meal! Remembering that all the while, they are “Bobbing & Weaving” their way through life in their own way, not by choice, but attempting to live with the hand that fate has dealt them.
For this pride, Hawkeye does in fact applaud them! As a matter of fact, Hawkeye applauded himself when he was down and out without “TUPE” (Money) to purchase a can of Soda! Taking into consideration that it was by Hawkeyes own doing that put him there in the first place, gave him the self pride and willpower to pull himself back up and to lead a semblance of what he now feels is a fairly normal life. Thus the “Bobbing & Weaving” effect.. Humm.
While Hawkeye was growing up in the Susquehanna River Hills in Southeastern Pennsylvania, he encountered those who were actually worse off than he. While he often went W.O.S. (with-out shoes) due to the simple fact that his parents were so dirt poor that they could not afford to buy shoes, He went out and earned money by Hoeing weeds in people's gardens, and cleaning out Cow S*#t  for neighboring farmers.
He went ahead and purchased his own shoes, and enough clothing to be presentable in school. Hawkeye was so presentable that he decided to drop out after 2 months of a 9th grade repeat. He thought he liked earning “Tupe” (money) by shoveling “s*#t” better than he liked school.
 In those days, traveling was very dangerous as there were cannibals and they would stop you, abduct you, and they would cook you and ate you up! At any rate, the Moral of Hawks story is: “Consider yourself lucky to be afforded the opportunity to earn a good education, and a chance to enter the Military after High School and make something better of your selves, while at the same time, serving your mother country, the Good old USA! It is also a fine feeling that we all have the opportunity to dwell in Paradise!
There is a whole lot in the world and national news about the Tornadoes that have struck in various places in Oklahoma, namely: “Moore.” Hawkeye overheard one old lady on the news saying that the reason that the Tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma so bad is that them thair people ain’t right with Jesus! This immediately took Hawkeye back to Southeastern Pennsylvania where he grew up as a child. Should anything go wrong in and around the little town of Delta Pennsylvania according to Hawkeyes Mom, it was the work of the devil and that them thair Homo-sapiens ain’t right with de lawd!
Hawkeyes Daddy used to blame everything on the Russians being the devout Atheist that he was. This was the era of the Cold war that we were having with the Communists. As far as the old man was concerned, everything was brought on by the Russians, and Hawkeye almost admits now that he could have been right! Presetene Valatimere Pukin, of the Modern USSR is still stirring the crap and aiding and abetting the troublemakers of the Middle East. This boy is trying to take his nation back to the dark ages.
He is assisting, Syria, Lebanon, Hamas, Hezbully, Iran, and any other little jerkwater country that is out to destroy freedom and democracy throughout the world including Venezuela! The next thing we know he will be coming after we the people of Amedikan!
And that’s it from Sweet Leanor & Hawkeye until next week…


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