Samoa flag slasher makes unusual request

The man accused of slashing the national flag into strips days before the Independence celebration last week made an unusual request in the District Court yesterday.

Timoteo Leota Mamoe, a 51-year-old male of Vaitele, asked Her Worship Judge Mata Tuatagaloa if he could be put in a separate room where there are non-smokers since he gets sick from smoke.

“The room we stay in [at Tafa’igata] is very small and I get very sick from the smoke of other people,” he said.

Her Worship Tuatagaloa asked the prosecutor to look into the request.

Mamoe is facing two possible charges relating to cutting up the flag in front of government building last Monday. He appeared in court wearing a t-shirt commemorating the 9/11 terrorism attacks in New York.

The police asked the Court for an adjournment to finalise the charges.

District Court Judge, Her Worship Mata Tuatagaloa agreed to the adjournment to 11th June “for police to complete investigations.”

Prosecutor Sergeant Richard Ah Ching also requested to have the matter re-filed before the Supreme Court.

Tuatagaloa accepted the request.


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