Summer workout swim sessions start today

Certified Safety Water Instructor Daniel Saifoloi will be conducting land and water workout sessions beginning this morning (Tuesday morning) at the Utulei Beach Park at 10:30 a.m. Daniel invites anyone looking to begin the road to a healthy lifestyle to join him. [photo: Jeff Hayner]

One of the Summer programs that will be starting this morning will be a workout/exercise session conducted by local swimming instructor for the American Samoa Aquatics Agency (ASAA) and the Toa o le Tai (Ocean Heroes) Program, Dan Saifoloi, who is inviting anyone who wishes to come out to his ‘Summer Workout’ sessions starting this morning at 10:30 a.m. at Utulei Beach.
The young 21-year-old Saifoloi appeared once in Samoa News last year with the work he did with the Ocean Science/Ocean Swimming students of Samoana High School. He taught the students swimming as an instructor of the ASAA. He also conducts free swim clinics in Leone as part of the Toa o le Tai.
Participants should expect to do both land and ocean exercise drills. He is a Water Safety Instructor with the ASAA and Toa o le Tai, who has worked closely with world renowned Marathon Swimmer Bruckner Chase. He wishes to let everyone know that you can come just for the land exercise drills or the swimming exercise drills, or you can do both, with the emphasis being on — ‘doing it at your own pace’
“For years, I have heard about the obesity issue we have on island. I realized that not only did we have an issue with being overweight, we also had an issue with overweight young people... kids and teenagers weighing in at over 200 pounds due to unhealthy eating and lack of exercise,” said Saifoloi. “I took it upon myself to keep out of that unhealthy lifestyle. I did my best to join every activity in high school and carried it on into college. The lifestyle stuck with me. This Summer, I decided that I would would do my best to complete a summer workout.”
He explained that the idea was for him to train and exercise by himself, but doing it alone could be very difficult. That is why he said he has made this invitation to do little by little to get at least a little closer at being healthier.
Saifoloi also stated that he is “NOT” a certified workout instructor, but a certified ‘Water Safety Instructor’ for the ASAA and the Toa o le Tai swimming program. “Both of these programs have put me under swim training and workouts, so while the fact remains that I am not a workout instructor, my knowledge of physical fitness and exercise is certainly not limited or inexperienced.”
He said that his work as a Water Safety instructor is closely supervised by head of the ASAA Zero Iaulualo and along with Chase who he has worked closely with, have taught him well in the conditioning of the body to keep up with vigorous swim training.
“This is an opportunity for me and others of similar interest to join in activities that will keep them healthy. I set out with the hope that the Summer Workout would not only introduce everyone to a lifestyle of fitness, but to also have everyone grow to love being fit,” he explained.
Saifoloi concluded, “The point altogether is to inspire a movement. A movement of individuals willing to see change and putting forth the effort to achieve it. I am simply there to inspire a bit of will and determination.”


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