Dear Editor,
The American Samoa Organization on Aging (ASOA,) wishes to express gratitude to Governor Lolo Moliga and First Lady Cynthia M. Moliga who were joined by  Lt. Governor Lemanu P. Mauga and his good lady, Pahaukalani in an exceptional demonstration of love and respect for the senior citizens of Tutuila and Manu’a during a special recognition and celebration held last week Thursday.
We thank the Territorial Administration On Aging (TAOA) who took the lead in spearheading this eventful gathering with the cooperation of associated organizations such at the Toe Afua Mai Matua (TAMM) under the Alliance and others.
The well-organized event, which culminated in a luncheon hosted at Le Mauga-O-Ali’i by the Governor and the First Lady and top government officials was a first in the territory and we, along with the rest of the seniors, who were able to participate in the celebration, were blessed to have been a part of it.
Also a thank you all to the cabinet members as well as the First Lady’s committee for the overall success of the American Samoa Senior Citizens Day 2013.
Through the event, we witnessed first-hand the humility and the character of a true servant.
ASOA wishes you more of God’s favor and blessings in health and prosperity at large.
ASOA Administration & Association


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