Dear Editor:
Thank you, your editorials concerning the FONO have at last sparked some public response. This is the only way our ship will ever have a chance to right its self.
These leaders have been misusing our public funds for the past 35 years and now have it down to a science. It's development only succeeded because not a single leader has ever been held accountable for his or her actions. It all came to light with the FONO Jubilee celebration but was swept under the table then and they believe the same will happen now.
The former Governor stated that far greater than education and college degrees these leaders possess learned knowledge and wisdom.
Bearing this in mind we should build a monastery atop Mount Alava and move these men of learned wisdom past and present into the monastery to pass their remaining days setting all of this wisdom to written documentation for the benefit of future generations to come. I'm sure their office allowances would cover the cost of writing supplies.
Without their having access to public funds. while passing on their knowledge the government, it is possible that our tax monies would be used for what they are intended for and the High Risk status with Uncle Sam would disappear and everyone could live happily ever after!!
Of course, by doing this another problem would surface immediately. Who would be left to govern the island???
Jim Brittle


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