This is the year of Matasaua II, they are ready to win!

A look at the Matasaua II fautasi crew, as they prepare to compete in this year’s 2013 Flag Day Fautasi Race, with their original skipper back in action, Captain Faletui Fuega Moliga, leading the crew. [photo: TG]

The high-tech Matasaua II fautasi racing boat is well prepared and ready to shine the heat on this year’s 2013 Flag Day Fautasi Race, with Captain Faletui Fuega Moliga back to lead the crew to the finish line.
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Matasaua II's former skipper, Vaiolo Taliga Vaiolo, returning from his two-year hiatus from the American Samoa Flag Day fautasi races, is now the “foe mua” of Vatia’s “Fuao” boat.
Matasaua II came in third place during last year's Flag Day championship heat, the third heat of three races, trailing the winning Aeto crew and Nu’uuli’s Sa that came in second.
Samoa News spoke to Moliga about their preparations this year, and he responded “the Matasaua II is ready for this year’s Flag Day race, "they are well prepared, and I am certain that they have enough strength for the big race.”
He noted, “we have been practicing for over two months now, and we started off with 60 crew members who came and ran with us, but as training progressed to a harder level, those numbers dropped down to 48, so these 48 crew members are fighting to fill 38 seats on the Matasaua II boat.”
According to Moliga, there are big changes in this year’s Matasaua crew, “…and I am certain that this year, is the year of the Matasaua to take the win. We have rowers who are not overweight, but just the right size to fit the crew, and they have enough strength and willpower to row us to the finish line first.”
He added, “this year, the Matasaua II has been turned over to the village of Ta’u. We take turns taking over the boat each year, and this year, the turn has come back to Ta’u.”
Moliga said, “we hope that everything will go well on the day of the race, and hope that all the crews racing this year will have respect for one another and we hope that all the villages racing in this year’s flag day race will have peace and prosperity amongst each other. I know that this program is being led by older and mature people, but this is a great opportunity for our youth to finally experience something different from activities that are being held on land.”
He concluded by thanking those who have supported them throughout their preparations for this year’s race.
"We want to thank all our families, friends, especially our itumalo, not only with food, but with finance, they have helped us out big time. “E le sili le ta’i nai le tapua’i”, tapua’i manuia le itumalo, tapua’i manuia le afioga i le faletolu i Ta’u, i le afifio o Ali’i ma Usoali’i ma le fetalaiga i to’oto’o, ia mau pea le tapua’iga ma le to’ovae, ae o le a alofaiva tamafanau o le nu’u, ma alo o le itumalo, se’i sa’ili se ‘ai o le itumalo, ae maise le tatou nu’u i Ta’u.”


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