MedicalCARE team lends helping hand to LBJ

[photo: Teri Hunkin]

Members of the Medical Care for Children of All Races Everywhere (MedicalCARE) team visited the territory recently, working closely with the pediatric doctors and nurses of LBJ Medical Center.
Shown here with several staff members from LBJ, including Chief Medical Officer Dr. Akapusi Ledua (3rd from left, center row) the visitors, who hail from Oakland, California — where they are on staff at Children’s Hospital of Oakland — were treated to an umu on Saturday afternoon, March 16, following a week of pediatric surgery and treatment, along with staff training.
They took time out to smile for Samoa News as they shared the story of their medical mission here, and the outcome of some very special cases where they were able to be of service. (See story in later edition)
The team donated their time and expertise along with medical equipment to the LBJ Pediatric clinic, and plan to return again to conduct training. Dr. Mike Favazza of LBJ (far left, kneeling) trained at Children’s Hospital Oakland, and Dr. Sharon Williams, (2nd from left) was his supervising physician during his residency. Dr. Williams is a pediatric critical care specialist.  Pediatric surgeon, Dr. Olajire Idowu, headed up the mission.


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