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Department of Public Safety has issued a citation to a suspect for littering or illegal dumping of scrap metal on the Ili’ili road next to the Golf Course area two weeks ago.

 Ili’ili mayor Tautua Tapuali'i Tupua, two weeks ago, personally witnessed a truck with two men, dumping scrap metal along the road in the village and contacted ASEPA and Rep. Larry Sanitoa - who then contacted police.

Tautua, who had taken down the license plate number of the truck, went to the police station earlier last week to give information resulting in the citation being issued last Thursday to the culprit.

A DPS official wrote in a brief e-mail message to Sanitoa that the citation had been issued to the person involved. The name of the suspect was not provided to Samoa News.

Local law gives DPS officers the power to enforce litter laws, which are then presented to the District Court. Fines vary - at the discretion of the court - between $50 and $100 for the first offense and up to $500 to $1,000 for the fourth offense.

“Additionally, or in lieu of fines, any person convicted under this chapter may be ordered to pick up and remove litter from public places, including streams and the seashores, under the direction of the Department of Public Safety,” the law states.

All fines collected are to be deposited into the general fund and are subject to legislative appropriation.


American Samoa Visitor’s Bureau executive director David Vaeafe says cruise ship companies are now basing their ships in Australia and the Asia Pacific region and this benefits the territory to attract more ships to call in at the Port of Pago Pago.

Vaeafe was providing local tourism information earlier this week during a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce executive board and Dr. Dino Patti Djalal, Indonesia’s Ambassador to the United States.

Among the cruise ship companies’ having ships based in the Pacific is Carnival Cruises and  “they are offering more itineraries through the Pacific. We are not talking small ships we’re  talking “big ships - such as the Queen Elizabeth - with 2,000 plus people,” Vaeafe told the Indonesian diplomat. “We have a capacity in the harbor to accommodate any size ship.”

He also says that visitors from Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia make up the bulk of tourists to the South Pacific. Additionally, American Samoa continues to work jointly with Samoa on tour packages for the Samoan islands, in which American Samoa is marketed as the “American” of the Samoan islands.

He said the one issue that needs to be addressed is training in the hospitality industry and that there is no such school in American Samoa.

In response to this need, the Ambassador said, “I’m perfectly willing to work out an agreement where one American Samoan can intern at a 5 star hotel in Bali for maybe six months to a year” and go on from there.


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