Japanese whalers accused of doubling-back

Japan's whaling fleet has turned around and is heading back into the Southern Ocean, according to anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd.

The activists claimed at the weekend the Japanese fleet was heading north away from the whaling.

But this afternoon Sea Shepherd said it had covertly placed a tracking device on the whaling fleet's tanker, San Laurel, which showed it had turned back into the Southern Ocean.

Sea Shepherd said the 180-degree turn meant that the whaling factory ship Nisshin Maru was also heading south.

"Although there are very few days left in the whaling season, there is still the possibility that the Nisshin Maru can refuel and return for a few days of whaling."

The said it was transferring fuel between three boats before heading back to confront the whalers.

Bob Barker Captain Peter Hammarstedt said they were heading back into the breach.


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