Visa free entry for Samoa to Holy Land

Israel’s Ambassador to Samoa, ShemiTzur, returned to New Zealand yesterday after sharing some good news.

“Samoa and Israel are to sign an agreement to abolish visas on both sides,“ he told the Samoa Observer.

Ambassador Tzur said the agreement is yet to be finalised.

He said as soon as soon as the Prime Ministers of Israel and Samoa sign the agreement, travel between the two countries shouldn't be a problem.

“Should an agreement be reached, it would be a good opportunity for the Samoan people to come visit the Holy Land,” he said.

Ambassador Tzur said he was impressed about the knowledge of the Samoan people about the Bible and historical places in Israel.

He also identified similarities between the two countries.

“This is my fifth or sixth time in Samoa,” he said. “I like the place and love the people and the dialogue.

“I have enjoyed learning the way of life here and the similarities between our countries comes from our religion.

“Samoans are believers who pray for the Holy Land and have faith in it.”

He has also invited Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi to visit his country.


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