Young Americans learn rugby ropes

Coral Reef Academy students playing rugby against Apia Rugby Develpment Youth U19. [Samoa Observer]

To say that Samoans are passionate about rugby is quite an understatement. Some young Americans studying at the Coral Reef Academy found out the hard way last week.

For weeks, the young Americans were in training, learning the ropes of rugby. They were gearing up for a game against the Apia Rugby Development Under 19 team.

So on Wednesday last week, the Americans put their skills to the test at Malifa. A large group of spectators gathered to support the new rugby players.

Up against tough competition, the Coral Reef team lost the game 47 – 14.

But they left the field with their heads held high knowing they’ve learnt some valuable rugby lessons.

Since most of the students are American, rugby is a new sport; and most of the students grew up playing football.

Assistant Coach, Motoi Fauatea, said the team prepared for their first game for about a month.

“We went over drills and the basics of rugby. There is still a lot to learn,” Mr. Fauatea said.

“One of the most difficult aspects was for the boys to learn the rules of rugby and to discipline themselves. It was very hard but little by little, they’re learning.”

Mr. Fauatea said at the beginning of the match the team was “very excited and eager to get out there on the field.”

Since it was their first ever rugby game, naturally the Coral Reef team experienced a few hiccups.


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