Couple busted for alleged possession of “ice”

Detectives with Vice and Narcotics Division escorting the male suspect in cuffs to his vehicle, while police conducted a search for illegal items. [Photo: JL]

A couple has been arrested after police found methamphetamine in their possession with an alleged street value of close to $10,000 by the Vice and Narcotics with the Department of Public Safety Wednesday afternoon.

The woman was arrested following a surprise raid of their home in Ili’ili where police allegedly found methamphetamine valued close to $5,000 in the bedroom she and her husband occupy. The Vice Detectives also confiscated items they believe were used to trade for the drugs, such as DVD players, VCR videos, etc.

The man, a security guard at LBJ hospital, was arrested in the parking lot of the hospital. It’s alleged when police approached the defendant he took off on foot and threw away a container that contained multiple baggies of methamphetamine, which allegedly had a value of close to $5,000.

Witnesses of the LBJ arrest, told Samoa News the police attempted to place cuffs on the man but he resisted. It’s alleged his resistance, which made it to the main road at the hospital, caused traffic to stop for several minutes.

Police also searched the man’s vehicle where drug paraphernalia was found, such as two glass pipes commonly used to smoke ice, many small empty baggies, cut straws and other items.

The couple is being detained at the Tafuna Correctional Facility for 48 hours, while they await any filing of charges by the government.


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