Samoa family loses home to arson on New Year’s day

A family has had a bad start to the new year after their house was burnt following an alcohol-fuelled act of revenge.

Two people have been arrested for arson. They have been accused ofsetting fire to the house in Vaitele-Uta on New Year’s Day.

Resident of Vaitele-Uta Sanele Aukusitino said the two men who lived in the house had been drinking alcohol with their neighbour since the morning.

Mr. Aukusitino said they became heavily intoxicated, and they began fighting.

“The two men attacked the neighbour, who is in his sixties,” he said.

Angry about what had happened, relatives of the man who was attacked ran to the house and set fire to it. The incident occurred at around 6pm.

Everything in the house was damaged in the fire.

The neighbour who was attacked is being treated for his injuries in hospital.


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