Dear Editor

Am. Samoa has lost two of its most recognizable guys over the past 30-35 years — Keith Dahl and Jim Sutherland. Both touched thousands of residents over the years. One molding their futures and the other capturing their images to be viewed and remembered in the future. Traveling two very different paths, but interacting with many of the same people.

ASCC wasn't ASCC without the tall man in the room. Never a harsh word or raised voice to anyone that I can recall. Always a friendly hello whenever we met. And a social function wasn't a social function, without 'Kifi'  there taking pictures. Am sure the digital camera age effected him a bit, but who will ever forget his car, filled to the brim with boxes of pictures, surrounded by folks wanting to see his shots of the most recent event.

Two really nice guys.  Will miss you both and I know American Samoa will too.

Rick Petri


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