Mistrial declared in Samoa murder case

CHARGED: Lemoli Niko with Toeaso Senio. [Samoa Observer]

The Supreme Court hearing into the matter of five Falesiu men charged in relation to the murder of Mikaele Tumua, has been terminated after two days and a mistrial declared.

That was after witness Leano Sione of Faleasiu-uta, testified that on the day the deceased went missing, she and other witnesses in the matter had made statements to the Police at Faleolo.

The defendants in the case are; Toeaso Senio, Lemoli Niko, Ulavale Lealofi, Sefo Movesi and Sialii Felavai Amosa.

Their counsels are Toleafoa Solomona Toailoa who is representing Senio and Niko; Te’o Richard Fa’aiuaso who is the defence counsel for Movesi; Rosella Papali’i who is defending Ulavale Lealofi and Faaolasa Katopau Ainuu who is acting for Sialii Felavai Amosa.

It was their counsels who had argued that if the witnesses had made statements on the day of his disappearance, it was only proper that they be presented with copies; this was not the situation however.


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