63 year-old Soli La’apui from Vaitogi. [photo supplied]

The La’apui family is exploring all options as they search for their father, 63 year-old Soli La’apui from Vaitogi, who has been missing since last Friday.

Soli’s daughter, Cassandra La’apui told Samoa News that her father, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dementia, went missing on Friday afternoon. “My family members said he was at home during breakfast, however it was during lunch when they realized he had left the house.”

“He does this often — where he leaves the house, but he always returns home, or someone will pick him up at the market, the usual place he hangs out.

“However since Friday he hasn’t returned” she said. “People have called us and told us where they have seen my father, but every time we go there, he’s not there.”

“Please — if anyone has information on the whereabouts of my father, please call 911 or 633-1111. We’re very worried about him” she said.

Ms La’apui told Samoa News that her father was last seen on Friday wearing a blue ie lava lava without a shirt.

The family has also filed an official missing person’s report with the Department of Public Safety.

She has also posted the photo of her father on her facebook page, along with a message, for anyone who has information about her father — to please contact the police station.

Police officers with the West Substation have confirmed with Samoa News that police officers are currently patrolling around looking for Mr. Soli La’apui.


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