Coast Guard: Sunken boat used as a dumping site

In American Samoa, there’s a lot more debris on the fishing boat that sank at the Malaloa Marina than expected.

As salvage and clean up efforts continue, it’s become clear that the boat, Liliafao was used as a dumping site for used oil.

Coast guard Lieutenant, Steven Caskey reports that they’ve removed 2,100 litres of bilge that was found on the boat.

He says the big amount of oil that was spilled from the vessel, estimated at between 1,892 and 3,785 litres of oil is from the bilge dumped on the vessel.

Divers have located the hole which caused the boat to take on water taking it down, they have plugged the hole and today crews will compartmentalize the vessel and try to get rid of the water on the boat before pulling it up tomorrow.


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