ASG acknowledges need to address population pressure

Seeks consultant to coordinate population strategy for territory

Samoa News Correspondent

To assist with ongoing Population Pressure projects in the territory, the government is looking for a Population Pressure Consultant, who will also serve the territory’s Population Commission as a point of contact to all its working groups.

Procurement Office issued on May 4 the request for proposals (RFP) seeking a “Population Pressure Consultant” with a closing date of no later than 2 p.m. local on May 18 to receive RFPs.

According to the RFP, a local population pressure consultant needs to be recruited:

•            To substantively contribute to the management of local Population Pressure activities,

•            Coordinate a Population Strategy for the Territory,

•            Inform on Population Commission development,

•            Liaise with agencies that are working on reproductive health, immigration, and education efforts,

•            Coordinate with NGOs and organizations working on population and development issues throughout the Pacific.

Additionally, the consultant will be the primary coordinator of population-related projects for American Samoa including the Governor’s Coral Reef Advisory Group’s (CRAG) Population Pressure Local Action Strategy.

Moreover, the consultant is expected to advise and report on achievement of ongoing population project results and create mechanisms to collect and share knowledge across agencies, and with the general public via effective and targeted education and outreach campaigns in collaboration with CRAG's Education and Outreach Coordinator.

The consultant, according to the RFP, will coordinate projects that are aimed to support the goals and objectives of the Population Pressure Local Action Strategy.

Among the projects are:

•            The development of a Territorial Population Situation Analysis in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Department of Commerce's Statistics Division, Department of Commerce's Planning Division, Population Commission and its working groups, as well as other relevant territorial partner agencies and organizations; and,

•            the American Samoa's annual World Population Day activities. Potential activities for the annual celebration include numerous possibilities such as a population film series, the organization of a youth fair, as well as various media efforts.

According to the RFP, services provided by the successful offeror will be under a negotiated firm fixed price contract.


The territory’s Population Summit of 2008 called for immediate, collaborative government action via the establishment of a Population Commission in order to address the key issues of Immigration, Health, Environment, Smart Planning, Family Planning, and Youth and Gender Issues.

In May the following year, the governor issued an executive order which established the Population Commission, to among other things, strive to improve the quality and way of life for American Samoa residents via effective and integrated planning.

According to the executive order, the Commission membership is to include at the governor's discretion, the directors or their official designees from the Departments of Commerce, Health, Youth and Women's Affairs, Legal Affairs, and Education. Within the Commission are five working groups — Environment, Planning and Policy; Youth and Gender Issues; Reproductive Health; Education; and Immigration.

Among its duties and responsibilities the Commission is to assist and coordinate the various American Samoa Government departments to cooperate fully with the functions that they are expected to perform in implementing a Territorial policy on population issues.


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