Healthy Parks — Heathy People

In this undated photo from the National Park of American Samoa, visitors are shown here tracking up the Mt. Alava trail.

The National Park invites the public to celebrate National Park Week, declared by President Obama for Apr. 21-29— by focusing on “Healthy Parks Healthy People.”

National parks all over the U.S. are reminding the public that their trails and other facilities are a great way to increase personal fitness while experiencing the beauty and heritage of your national parks, according to a park service news release.

Your national park is located right here on the islands of Tutuila, Ofu and Ta’u. There are ways to explore each island and increase your health and fitness at the same time. There are trails to hike on all islands, as well as great swimming and snorkeling opportunities. A half day hike will bring you to the beautiful views from atop Mt. Alava or a view into the bat roost in Luatele Crater on Ta’u.

A shorter experience can be enjoyed by visiting the Blunts Point cannons in Utulei or Tuafuana Beach in Vatia.

To learn more about a short or long adventure in the National Park of American Samoa, contact the national park office in person or via phone or email.

The visitor center is located in Pago Pago across from the Pago Way Gas Station.

Source: NPS]


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