Underwater photography expert helps local shooters

Dr. Andre Seale here in the territory sharing his expertise with local photographers. [Photo: TGasu]

This past Wednesday afternoon at the American Samoa Land Grant conference room, Dr. Andre Seale, an expert and award winning underwater photographer held an underwater photography workshop, and gave out tips and information on how underwater photography can be made easy with the right tools and the right assistance.

According to Dr. Seale, this is his first time in American Samoa, and he is looking to do some underwater photography around the island, hoping for another award winning photo, this time from our island. This is also the first time that American Samoa has hosted an Underwater Photography expert such as Dr. Seale.

Samoa News spoke with Dr. Seale about his workshop and the message that he was trying to share with the viewers who attended.  “I was trying to provide a little bit of the background on what I do” he told Samoa News “ I’m an underwater photographer and I gave a brief introduction on the technique of shooting underwater photography, a little bit on the challenges of getting the right lighting and exposure, some of the uses for underwater photography and some of the places that underwater imagery can go.”

Dr. Seale mentioned to Samoa News that he has gone through 40 countries doing underwater photography, and he plans to shoot some of his famous work here. When asked how he heard about the island, he said he was invited.

“Actually, I was invited by (ASCC) Sea Grant, who is working on a project that involves agriculture.” He explained that his main career is that of a research scientist, working on fish physiology.

“ Now, we’re working together with Sea Grant to develop some of the sea water agriculture possibilities in American Samoa” he said.

Commenting on the challenges that he has to face with his underwater photography career, he said, “I always saw underwater photography more as a hobby, but it’s a hobby that I take very seriously.” However, he has never had to depend on it, he said.
 “I’ve had problems with equipment failure and flooding cameras, but the most important thing is to have patience and the passion for the photograph” he said,

And there’s something beyond that, he noted: “the pleasure of photographing different places and documenting new places and new creatures— that kind of kept me going”.

During his workshop, someone mentioned to Dr. Seale that American Samoa has the largest live coral area in the world, and it’s in the Manu’a islands. Samoa News asked Seale, if by any chance he would be interested in taking some photos there, and he responded, “once they mentioned this coral, it sounded like it was certainly an attractive place to go and I am definitely very interested.”

Dr. Seale acknowleged those who helped him in his first trip to American Samoa, giving a big thanks to Sea Grant and the college programs from the University of Hawaii.


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