Samoana fautasi repairs update

[photo: TG]

A look at Samoana High School’s fautasi being repaired by its original builder, Maselino Ioane. He has been working hand in hand with SHS Vice Principal Mataese Samuelu and Ioane’s helpers trying to get the Sharks back on the water, since their accident last Friday evening.

According to information provided to Samoa News by some of the student rowers, the accident happened behind the old Rainmaker Hotel during rowing practice, when they encountered a big concrete block under water — the tide was high.

“We didn’t know anything was there because we could hardly see it because it was high tide, but the boat was going too fast, and all we felt was a scraping sound underneath the boat, then not too long after that, the water started gushing in from the bottom front of the boat where the other crew members were sitting.”

Samoa News saw Friday evening the “Sharks” fautasi being pulled in by the Department of Public Safety’s Marine Patrol Division, after the crew members were all brought to shore safely. No one was injured or hurt during the incident. As of now, the Sharks’ fautasi is being repaired. There are minor scrapes at the bottom of the boat. In the meantime, the crew is still in training —looking forward to this year’s Flag Day Fautasi Race.


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