ASNOC fund raising to send athletes off island


The American Samoa National Olympic Committee (ASNOC) is now at this time, displaying ‘Instant Scratch Bingo’ tickets at various stores around the island to be purchased, in an attempt to raise funds for ASNOC athletes traveling to sporting events, such as the upcoming 2012 Olympics, Pacific Games and Pacific Mini Games.

“The program is scratch bingo. It is similar to the football pool papers sold during football season. Bur our instant bingo proceeds will go towards helping the American Samoa National Olympic Committee, get their associations to wherever they are going to. Whether it is the Olympics, Youth Olympics or Mini Games” said ASNOC Secretary General Ed Imo.

“These games are constantly going on and we can’t ask the government to fund those programs, when the money has already been allotted for so many things. The next event that is coming up, is the 2012 Olympic Games which is at the end of July to the beginning of August,” he said.

According to Imo, tickets were already in some of the stores on the West Side, which totaled 14 as of this past Wednesday, with more stores to be added that began yesterday and today, that will include the Central and East Side of the island. He also stated that they are shooting for 25 stores by the end of yesterday.

“We are trying to get 80 to 100 stores, ranging from the West Side to the East Side. The tickets are only $1 each with prizes ranging from, ‘free tickets’ to ‘$1,000’ with smaller cash prizes in between. If you buy one ticket at a certain store and you win, you can go to any store that sells those tickets and claim the prize. If the prize is over $100, you have to call the ASNOC 699-8855.

“We do not want any of our kids or teams, looking for funds. Hopefully with this fundraiser, we will be able to help get them to which ever game they will be competing in. In the past we were asking the associations to raise their own funds to compete in which ever games they were competing in. Our goal now is to assist the teams or individuals to get to where they are going,” he said.

“We made this transparent enough, to where we have lawyers and accountants to count everything and know where everything is going. At the end of the day, everything will be turned in. Our accountant will be keeping track of how many tickets went out and how much money comes in. None of the ASNOC personnel is touching the money. We have done the proper paper work and have everything in place. If anyone wishes to talk to me about the fundraiser or where the locations of the stores are at that are selling the tickets, feel free to call me at the ASNOC office at 699-8855, or if you have any questions at all you can call me,” he concluded.


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