Pacific Islands Health Officers Assn in D.C,

Standing, left to right: Dr. John Tuitele, Mrs. Ofeira Nu'usolia, Faleomavaega, Ms. Oreta (representing one of the community centers in Hawaii) Dr. Oreta Togafau, and Mr. Tagaloa Toloa Letuli. [courtesy photo]

Congressman Faleomavaega met recently in Washington with representatives of the Pacific Islands Health Officers Association (PIHOA) of which the Tafuna Family Health Center in American Samoa is a member. 

Representing the Tafuna Family Health Center were Mrs. Ofeira Nu'usolia - Executive Director of Community Health Centers, Dr. John Tuitele - Clinical Director, and Dr. Oreta Togafau and Mr. Tagaloa Toloa Letuli - members of the Board of Directors.


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