Eastern Star Youth Football League kicks off today!


The Eastern Star Youth Football League or East Side Football (ESF), kicks off their second annual football season today, a follow-up to last year's exciting finale where the Aua Redskins emerged as Champions.

ESF President Sua’ese Pooch Ta’ase told Samoa News there are a few changes to this year’s number of teams and divisions.

“Last year we had five teams (Redskins, Bucs, Patriots, Redskins, Eagles, Chiefs) however, this year we have four teams but in these four teams, we are allowing the younger boys to play, giving them 5 minutes per quarter to play, before the older boys take the field, so technically, we have eight teams all together this year” said President Ta’ase.

When asked by Samoa News, Ta’ase stated that the goal of this league, “is to develop the basics of football at a young age and at the same time for the student athletes to have fun and learn basic principles of life to succeed in the life as well as the future.”

He added, “the league is going to be two rounds which will last up to six weeks, and then Playoffs and then Championship Game for both levels.  So, it will take 8 weeks to complete this league overall”.

In regards to an All Star Game, Ta’ase stated that “since, it is a low budget league we will look into it and hopefully other financial assistance will kick in but it could be a possible and looking at the time frame.”

President Ta’ase acknowledged all those who helped out with the coordination of this year's ESF, “we would like to thank all the parents who are involved directly or indirectly and for allowing their sons to play and supporting their games.  I would like to thank my principal Samasoni Asaeli for his great support and my coaching staff for supporting this great event.  I am excited for the opening and thank all the faipules especially the late Li'amatua Tufele as he was the forefather who opened the annual ceremony last year and all the faipules and Flo Saulo Insurance company and also Island Purified water in Fagaalu for providing all the water every Saturday.  Also, Skyview Store in Aua for the tents they provide and all the families in Onesosopo Park for their great support.  We also personally thank Trophy & Things (Ernie & Lina) for their great support.  We are asking if any sponsors are out there for this great event for the future of tomorrow. Thank you to Rep. Charlie Tautolo & Rep. Larry Sanitoa for the McDonald's big contribution to the league... fa'afetai tele lava to all the Faipules on the eastern side of the island.”

The program of today’s opening will feature Meafou Sagapolutele as the Masters of Ceremony, and the program will begin with the Aua Redskins, the reigning Champions to return the ESF Perpetual Trophy back to the board, to determine who will uphold it this year by the end of the season. The Keynote Speaker of the day will be Puleleiite Tufele, followed by the introduction of the officials along with the benediction provided by Pio Grohse. The throwing of the opening pass of the season will be provided by Rep. Tufele.


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