Local workers in Guam report they are “homesick”


Homesickness has surfaced as a major problem plaguing the group of 30 local workers, currently in job training under an agreement with the government of Guam for the military build up there.

Gov. Togiola Tulafono says the latest report received by his office is that the group is doing well with their training and are happy with their housing complex but the one big problem is that the workers miss their families in American Samoa.

“They are homesick", said Togiola adding he does not fault anyone for being homesick because some of them are young adults and unmarried while others are married with children in American Samoa.

He said there are only two workers, with a serious issue of homesickness who have been encouraged to keep at it with their job training. He also said ASG staff has been talking to the two individuals giving them words of encouragement to continue on with their work, so that the training slots are not lost because they cannot be refilled with another person from American Samoa.

Togiola explained that one of the issues raised with the local group before leaving the territory was that if they cannot withstand the long time away from home, then it's best not to go and have someone else take up the slot.

He said that if a person returns home when the training is not completed that slot cannot be refilled and the money paid by the local government cannot be refunded because that was the provision of the contract with Guam and the organization conducting the training. He asked local families to talk to their relatives to keep on training and encourage them to continue, until the training is completed. 

This program is part of the National Emergency Grant program administered by the local Department of Human Resources.


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