Albert Wendt goes digital with his first novel

Pacific literary great, Albert Wendt has leapt into the digital era with the release of the electronic copy of his first novel, ‘Sons for the Return Home.’  He writes –

“My first novel 'Sons for the Return Home' is now available as an ebook on amazon.com. It was a huge seller when it first came out and got me launched as a writer. Now as an ebook it is available worldwide and at a very affordable price. I hope many new readers read it. We're also preparing 'Leaves of the Banyan Tree', my third novel, as an ebook.”

Albert is the author of numerous novels, poetry and short story collections – with the most recent being ‘Ancestry’ and ‘From Manoa to a Ponsonby Garden’ published earlier this year.  The e-book release of ‘Sons for the Return Home’ is his first foray into the world of electronic book publishing and it came about with the assistance of his niece, Lani Wendt Young who is the author of the Telesa Trilogy, YA Pacific fantasy adventure books. Albert explained, “My dynamic and hardworking niece, is teaching me how to use the technology and keep my old brain alive!” Lani added,  “By making these books readily accessible and affordable, we hope that new generations of Pacific people worldwide, can better discover their cultural and literary heritage. It's an honor and a privilege for me to help take these books into the digital era.”

It’s been said of ‘Sons for the Return Home’ that “every Samoan, everywhere needs to read this book…actually every Pacific person, everywhere needs to read this book.” This is the book that started it all for Pacific literature. This is the book that shook up the literary world, got made into a film, shocked many of our parents, caused controversy, was banned in certain places - and launched a writing career of awesomeness.



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