Sharks back-to-back J-V champions!

The Samoana Sharks are back-to-back 2011-2012 ASHSAA Girls Soccer J-V champions after completing the season as the No. 1 team in the standings.

After playing two full rounds they topped it off with a 6-0 win over a short-handed Tafuna Warriors on Saturday, Feb. 11.

Tafuna was only able to field eight players and thus they were at the mercy of Vaiula Afa and Samoana as she walked away with five of Samoana’s six goals scored on that day.


Varsity results from that same day were Leone 2, Faga’itua 0 and Samoana 3, Tafuna 0 by forfeit. The varsity regular season completes play on Feb. 14 with the top four teams advancing to the semi-finals scheduled for Feb. 16.

The varsity championship match will be played Feb. 18 at Pago Park Soccer Stadium. The Lions are still on a roll as they beat No. 2 Faga’itua 2-0 on Feb. 11, at Pago Park Soccer Stadium.

In the meantime, if the playoffs were to be held today, the top four teams would be Samoana (No. 1), Faga’itua (No. 2), Leone (No. 3), and Fa’asao-Marist (No. 4).

(Source: FFAS media release)


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