High school students jailed for fighting


Eleven Tafuna High School students were arrested on Friday as a result of fighting amongst themselves, allegedly village vs. village, on school premises. Police officers and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were called to the school as a result of the fighting.

According to police officers, among several students who sustained injuries from the brawl, was one student who suffered a severe cut on his face and was taken to LBJ Medical Center for treatment. The student was taken along with a Tafuna High School counselor who has a medical history of heart problems.

The THS counselor for Junior students was attempting to stop the students from fighting, however he was caught in the middle of the students and fainted. The counselor was then taken to the hospital. Calls to Tafuna High School principal for comments over the weekend were unsuccessful as of press time.

Several Tafuna High School students told Samoa News the fight was between Nu’uuli students and Vaitogi students, and the fight has been going on for a week. The fight allegedly included females.

Assistant Attorney General Terrie Bullinger said eleven students spent the weekend at the Juvenile Detention Center in Nu’uuli and they are scheduled to appear before the District Court on Monday morning.



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