Tonga business leaders look forward to faster internet

Business leaders in Tonga are looking forward to faster internet access when a $34 million US dollar cable comes on line next year.

The project is being funded by the Asia Development Bank, the World Bank Group, and Tonga Cable Limited, which will also operate it.

The 827 kilometre long submarine system will run from Tonga to Fiji and connect with the Southern Cross cable, ensuring access to the rest of the world.

The President of the Tonga Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Aloma Johansson, says it will mean more opportunities for business, domestically and abroad.

“It’s just the access to the international markets for businesses, it reduces travel, you don’t have to travel, there’s many opportunities for the businesses to cut down on costs. Access to information, access to markets, and just contact and the speed with which you can do that will be greater of course and the capacity to do this.”

It is hoped the cable will be ready for operation by August next year.


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