Hawkeye: Ewection Countdown

“Getting people to like you is the other side of liking them”

“Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.”

Good morning to friends, fans, loyal readers, and even to those who don’t particularly like Hawkeye!

Hawkeye would like to allude to the US Customs people at the post office for their courteous and kind demeanor towards senior citizens such as Hawkeye. These guys go that extra mile by assisting old Homo-sapiens like Hawkeye, by getting their heavy packages to the Taavale. This is of course after Sweet Leanor has cut the check for the duty. So.. a big “MALO” to the Customs people based At the US Post Office, PAGO PAGO BRANCH!

Are we really going to get the FNC Back in Hooterville? This would be the best thing that could happen to Hawkeye, and many of his friends which are few in number. Hawkeye will definitely quit his “Bellyaching” over the absence of the FNC. Hawkeye will go one even further: If the FNC is actually coming back to Wonderland, let’s get it back prior to the US Mainland Ewections so we can hear more than one side of the story.. Over. Again, Hawkeye is not all that political, but he does like to keep “ABREAST” of wazhappenin outside the shores of Howdyville! Malo to the Cable Providers for potentially getting the FNC back, and a big “Thumbs Down” if they don’t! Humm..

The last Presidential Debate was held on Monday of this week. As predicted by Hawkeye to Sweet Leanor, Romney had lost the Debate before it even started! This was not because he is that Dumb, but because of what Hawkeye calls Media Bias! One Nice Friend of Hawkeye’s told him that Romney is not his man! Here again folks, opinions are like a*#@les, Every Homo-sapien has one! We as “God Fearing,” “Freedom Loving” Homos are entitled to our own opinions

One of Hawkeye’s opinions is that he should stay out of Polyticks! On the local scene, Hawkeye has been asked on many occasions who he will be voting for: Again fans, this is our private affair. Hawkeye will most likely not know who he is voting for until he enters the Poll Booth! This is a right that Hawkeye and many others have fought for over the years, and Hawkeye is quite happy, and proud to announce that we still have that freedom! So, don’t ask what your neighbor can do for you, ask what you can do for your neighbor! {Er-Ah-Country!}

Quoted by Ropeki Obama!

Hawkeye also told Sweet Leanor about a year and a half ago to mark his words. Those words were: Presetene {President} Obama will stand a second term on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue! Sweet Leanor answered: “Wheah is Pennsylbania Abenue?” So, as Hawkeye was picking his nose at the Dinner Table 1 ½ years later, he made a statement to Sweet Leanor once again: “He said he finks that The “BIG” “O” will still be residing on Pennsylvania Avenue come January of 2013. The problem is: “Will there still be a world by then?” If December 21st at midnight doesn’t do the trick, a nuclear war with Iran might! Over! Anyway, Fox news will be back on the airwaves of Wonderland, and we can all sit back and watch the fireworks on our “TUBE’S”

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor are keeping an “EYE OUT” for the construction to begin on the route 66 Freeway to the Airport. Hawkeye cannot wait for his statue to be erected over there by Mickey Dees, as this should be a part of the new freeway dedications. Hawkeye will accept nothing less than a solid bronze statue of himself wearing nothing but a smile! By the time this happens, we will have FNC back, there will be three airlines flying in to Hooterville, there will be Polar Bears on Swains Island, and Swains will have their Runway Built.

Manua will have its 19 hole Golf Course, along with a 500 Room Hotel financed by Bob Wilson, and MYD will have brought its Mega Ferry to haul Passengers and Tourists back & forth to Manua and Swains Island! By this time we will have our super “Draw Bridge” connecting the eastern end of Wonderland with the West! When all of this happens, and the Gubernatorial Candidate who is lucky enough to sell this to financiers, will definitely have Hawkeyes Vote!

The Rainmaker Hotel will have been turned in to a Gaming Casino on the second level, with a large Bingo Parlor on the lower Level so Grandma will not feel left out! The ASNOC will have by this time renewed their “Scratch Bingo” so we can all play! The ASNOC can have someone in a Bikini, {Hopefully a Female of the Homo-sapien species.} to sell the Scratch Bingo Tickets by the “POOL.” {And in the elevators.}

In the interim, when Hawkeye’s “Rich Uncle” straightens up financially, {He is a Hunchback} Hawk & Sweet Leanor will head for the west and do a little gambling while we are waiting for the construction to wrap up on Hooterville’s own Casino!

Tofa Soifua until next week and Keep the faith:

Hawk & Sweet Leanor


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