ASPA to install debit meters in Aunu’u and Manu’a islands


The American Samoa Power Authority has moved to install debit meters at homes in Aunu’u and the Manu’a Islands group.

Debit meters have been available to many on the main island of Tutuila and there have been calls from some lawmakers and others to have this service available for the Manu’a islands to help residents there monitor electric usage.

During a House committee hearing Wednesday ASPA chief executive officer Andra Samoa pointed out that the utility provider is now encouraging families to install debit meters which helps to monitor and keeps costs down.

She said the encouragement of residents have now started in the Manu’a islands and Aunu’u, and ending on Tutuila.

Manu’a lawmakers say this positive move by ASPA shows that the authority is clearly concerned for residents in Manu’a and their needs as well as making sure that they keep electric costs down.

Meanwhile, the House approved on Tuesday a resolution expressing the deepest and most sincere condolences of the Legislature and the people of American Samoa to Afonotele Lui U. Lafele Talamaivao and Susana Sua M. Lafele and their families on the recent passing of their son Afonotele Petero Lui-Lafaele Sua Matautia, who served as ASPA’s solid waste manager.

Sponsored by Rep. Lemapu Suiaunoa Talo, the resolution pays the highest tribute to Matautia “for his countless years of service to the American Samoa Government and the Community.”

“His list of achievements precedes him. He was instrumental in saving ASG $108,000 a year in managing the Scrap Metal Operations. He coordinated the clean up of the Tafuna Scrap Metal Yard,” the resolution states and noted that Matautia holds a chiefly title and was involved in his Catholic Church.

Prior to his sudden passing, “Petero implemented the ‘Recycling for Food’ drive to support American Samoa farmers and to benefit ASPA customers,” the resolution says and noted that Petero holds an Associate of Arts degree from the American Samoa Community College, a Bachelor’s degree in Management from Chaminade University and he also completed his Masters degree in Organizational Management.  His funeral service was held Friday followed by burial.


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