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No one steps up to claim box full of “pot” after K9 alert

More than $10,000 is the street value of three bundles of marijuana weighing almost a pound that police confiscated Tuesday afternoon from Customs’ possession. The marijuana entered the territory on a cargo flight last week Friday.

According to a police source, the package came in on the cargo flight and Customs’ K9 dogs alerted near the box. It’s alleged there were several people who had gone to the airport to claim the box, however after the K9 dog was seen near the box, those who were present to claim the box left the airport.

The reliable source said there were several phone calls to the Customs Office inquiring about the package, however when Customs told them they would have to fill out a release form, no one showed up to claim the package.

Customs is alleged to have sought assistance from the Attorney General’s office to open the package. It’s alleged that upon opening it, there were three galvanized pipes found inside, with each end sealed and each pipe containing a bundle of marijuana which weighed individually at .05lbs.

The source said the sender had the name of Samuelu on it while the sender’s name was scratched off with a black marker and the package came from Vancouver Washington, which routed through Hawai’i, then to the territory.

In the meantime, Vice and Narcotics Detectives have stepped in to take over this case and the marijuana is now in the custody of the Police evidence custodian.

Samoa News inquired of the AG’s Office as to the alleged marijuana shipment, to which Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop told Samoa News that they are awaiting the report from the police and Customs to determine if any criminal charges will be filed in this matter.